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November 25, 2020 5 min read

Do you often think to yourself- when can I start travelling care-free & worry-free again? I do, we all do. We took the travel freedom for granted. We took the pre-2020 plane rides for granted. We took the gatherings with friends for granted. And now, we are in a pandemic, locked at homes, and missing the freedom of travelling, the freedom of gathering and meeting up with friends and family.

The recent updates calculated that 54 million people are infected with the COVID-19 virus worldwide. By April 2020, the world news reported that nearly half of the world population were in lockdown. This global lockdown affected nearly 4 billion people in over 90 countries

Being reminded that 2020 is almost coming to an end with December creeping around the corner. Global humanity will be celebrating COVID-19’s first anniversary. This also means that we have survived through the pandemic for almost a year. But have you gotten used to social distancing and other safety measures set by the government? Are you practicing enough basic hygiene in your daily life? 

Earlier this October, Trapo introduced the Oxtra Hygiene Bundles- the Total Protection Bundle and the Basic Protection Bundle. Within the bundles contains: 

  1. Oxtra Motion-Sensing Air Purifier 
  2. Oxtra Nano Clean Spray 
  3. Oxtra Antibac Car Spray 


How does the Oxtra Motion-Sensing Air Purifier help in surviving this pandemic? 


Oxtra Motion-Sensing Air Purifier. The name is as long as the list of functions this air purifier holds. A unit costs RM 299.90 or SGD 99.90- don’t be put off by the price just yet! It is cheaper when bundled up with the Oxtra Nano Clean Spray and Oxtra Antibac Car Spray!

Let’s look into its functions under a magnifying glass… 

Firstly, the Oxtra Motion-Sensing Air Purifier comes with a USB plug. We all know that USB ports are widely available because you can find it literally everywhere- whether on your laptop, a phone charger, in the car, on a computer, or even on a TV! Therefore, this smart gadget isn’t limiting itself to cars only, even though Trapo is a leading car accessory provider in Southeast Asia. 

Secondly, it has a screen displaying air humidity and air quality. It is so convenient to know the quality of the air you breathe with just a glance. As Trapo always said “We trap all your worries”. Knowing the air quality we breathe really eases the worries away, especially when we always travel with babies and kids. 

Other than these normal air purifier features Oxtra Motion-Sensing Air Purifier retains, the name also suggested that it is a motion-sensing device. Unlike the motion-sensing lights we see in public buildings, Oxtra Motion-Sensing Air Purifier actually turns on/off and changes fan speed by waving motion. This does not require users to touch the device once it is settled in a cup holder or on a flat surface indoor. This too, is one less worry, finding the button or having a malfunction button, especially while driving. 

To top this motion-sensing air purifier off, Oxtra also threw in a medical grade HEPA filter that is refillable. The HEPA 13 filter is known as one of the higher quality filters available in the market. With HEPA 13 filter, it doesn’t just filter our moldy smell, it also removes tiny particles such as second-hand smoke, formaldehyde, and bacteria. A feedback even mentioned that one’s asthma attack stopped after using an Oxtra Motion-Sensing Air Purifier by one’s bedside! 


What is Oxtra Nano Clean Spray? How does it help us in surviving this pandemic? 


Oxtra Nano Clean Spray comes in a portable size, a 30 ml bottle, that lets you carry it anywhere you go. Packaged in a glass bottle, this light activated, water-based sanitizer is non-flammable. Hence it is safe for children to use.

At RM 45.90 or SGD 19.90, a bottle of Oxtra Nano Clean Spray can last one user up to 3 months! Yes, I am not kidding, one bottle up to 3 months! Compared to the conventional hand sanitizers, Oxtra Nano Clean Spray is not a typical sanitizer. It is suitable for all surfaces including human skin (adults to babies), hard surfaces such as desks, electronics, and most importantly frequently touched surfaces such as door knobs and phones. 

Just one spray will protect any hard surfaces up to 60 days! That is two months of surface protection. However, on human skin, it provides up to 4 hours protection. I would say this is one of the most long-lasting hand sanitizers I have seen in the market. 

How is the water-base Oxtra Nano Clean Spray safe for children? The words “water-based” means this Oxtra Nano Clean Spray is water-soluble. In any accidents where children nibble on their fingers or licked any toys that were sprayed with Oxtra Nano Clean Spray, the sanitizer does no harm to the children's body.

You may ask “How does this Oxtra water-based hand sanitizer keep our hands clean if it is water-based?” 

That’s a perfect question! Oxtra Nano Clean Spray utilises Nanion technology, which coats any surface up until a nano-level. This also means that a nano coat forms on all surfaces sprayed with Oxtra Nano Clean Spray. When this layer of coating forms, bacteria, germs and other microscopic organisms are suffocated until deformation. Therefore, Oxtra Nano Clean Spray is effective on keeping surfaces clean. 

Why is it smart to use the Oxtra Antibac Car Spray to survive through this pandemic?


First of all, what is an Oxtra Antibac Car Spray? Why is it a better option than the professional car sanitizing services? Oxtra Antibac Car Spray comes in a 250 ml can. It is known as the “1 can, 1 press, 1 month” antibacterial spray. Compared to the professional car sanitizing services, which cost us a fortune, Oxtra Antibac Car Spray is only RM 39.90 or SGD 15.90 per can. This 250 ml can work wonders when it comes to eliminating bacteria. Why is it targeting bacteria? 

According to many microbial researchers, unpleasant odours come from bacterial activities. A common example is an old car cushion that smells sourish, rotten, and mouldy. Like a sweaty smell that doesn’t go away, no matter how much you air the car out or spray the car interior with perfumes. The answer behind this is because perfumes do not have bacteria-eliminating functions. Using a strong smell to cover the foul odour is not a long-term solution. It can even turn out to be pricey by trying out different perfumes. 

Oxtra Antibac Car Spray aims at killing 99.99% of bacteria. The product is smartly designed for a simple utilisation. With just 1 click, the can of Oxtra Antibac will empty itself over a time period of 15 minutes. A more hassle-free way to use it is overnight, when your car is parked. Just place the 250 ml can on a flat surface, let it be a cup holder or an arm rest. With the car engine cut off, you can press the nozzle downwards until it clicks into a locked position. Close the door. Leave it overnight. And finally get into a car that is refreshed, without foul odour the next morning or after a 15 minutes period. 


The above products that we just shared are highly recommended by the author. What is “expensive” when you can buy health with a small amount of money? On top of that, saving a 12% when you purchase them in a bundle from the Trapo website is definitely a deal! 

Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you- their customer service on the website is very helpful! You can go on the live chat and ask them any questions about any of their products. 

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