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  • Driving a brand-new car? Get Trapo PPF Films instead.


    In Malaysia, where acid rain can have pH levels of up to 4.8, and corrosive bird droppings are common, protecting your car's paint is essential. Corrosion resistance ensures your car stays in top condition despite these threats

    self healing

    Designed to repair scratches from branches and minor bumps, the self-healing properties of our coating activates at temperatures above 60°C, restoring your car's surface without any manual intervention.

    electrostatic DISSIPATIVE

    Our coating creates an electrostatic barrier, which means dirt and grime simply 'float' on its surface, making rinsing off dirt a breeze. This also means you won't need to wash your car as often, saving you time and effort.

    1-to-1 replacement

    If your coating loses its shine or water-repellent properties, we'll provide a replacement, ensuring your car maintains its glossy appearance and ability to repel water. Additionally, we offer free re-coating for any accident-related damage, excluding total loss accidents.


    Our car coating warranty provides robust protection options with 1-year, 3-year, and 4-year coverage plans. This warranty safeguards against oxidation and corrosion, and includes free re-coating if the hydrophobic effect diminishes. It covers re-coating for any coating damage caused by accidents. To maintain the integrity and performance of your coating, regular upkeep is necessary.


    satisfied customers


    For the busy professional who needs quick yet reliable protection, this coating is perfect. Ideal for those with tight schedules who still want to keep their car looking great.

    For the meticulous car owner who seeks long-term protection, this coating is ideal. Perfect for those who want lasting quality with minimal upkeep

    For the luxury car enthusiast who demands the best, this coating is unmatched.Perfect for those who want ultimate durability and shine.

    Hardness Level
    8H 9H 10H
    Corrosion Resistant
    Self Healing
    Electrostatic Barrier
    Warranty Period
    1 Year 3 Year 4 Year
    Protection Period
    Up to 12 months Up to 5 Years Up to 5 Years

    Starting from

    RM 750 ONLY!*

    get full info of our trapo coat price and spec list here.

    1. What is Trapo Coating?

    Trapo Coating is an advanced protective coating designed to enhance and safeguard your vehicle's paintwork.

    2. What benefits does Trapo Coating offer?

    Trapo Coating provides superior protection against UV rays, oxidation, water spots, and environmental contaminants. It also enhances the gloss and depth of your vehicle's paint.

    3. How long does Trapo Coating last?

    Trapo Coating is a long-lasting solution, typically providing protection for several years with proper maintenance.

    4. Is Trapo Coating easy to maintain?

    Yes, Trapo Coating simplifies maintenance by making it easier to clean your vehicle and maintain its appearance over time.

    5. Will Trapo Coating alter the appearance of my vehicle?

    No, Trapo Coating enhances the natural shine and color of your vehicle's paint, creating a glossy, showroom finish.

    6. Can Trapo Coating be applied to any vehicle?

    Yes, Trapo Coating is suitable for application on various vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles.

    7. Does Trapo Coating come with a warranty?

    Yes, Trapo Coating is backed by a warranty that covers specific protections and assurances. Refer to our warranty terms for details on coverage and exclusions.

    8. How is Trapo Coating applied?

    Trapo Coating is applied by certified professionals using specialized techniques to ensure a flawless finish and optimal protection.

    9. Where can I get Trapo Coating applied?

    Trapo Coating is available through authorized dealers and certified installers. Contact us or visit our website to locate a nearby installation center.

    10. Can Trapo Coating be combined with other treatments?

    Yes, Trapo Coating can complement other automotive treatments and detailing services for comprehensive vehicle care.

    Have more questions?

    Reach out to our customer support team for further information or assistance regarding Trapo Coating. Protect and enhance your vehicle's paint with Trapo's advanced coating technology!

    Discoloration Prevention:

    Coated paint stays free from discoloration.

    Oxidation & Corrosion Protection:

    Paint is protected from oxidation and corrosion.

    Hydrophobic Loss Re-Coat:

    Free re-coating if the hydrophobic effect diminishes.

    Accident-Related Knockdown Re-Coat:

    Free re-coating for accident-affected panels (except total loss).


    No coverage for wear and tear, road debris, scratches, watermarks, collisions, intentional damage, or accidents.

    Non-Transferable Warranty:

    Warranty does not transfer to new owners if the car is sold.

    Trapo Coating Warranty Notice:

    To maintain the warranty on your Trapo car coating, all maintenance must be performed by Trapo professionals. Services performed elsewhere may lead to mishandling and potential damage, which will void the warranty.

    Maintenance Requirement:

    Car must be serviced at our Service Centre every 6 months.