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January 25, 2021 2 min read

As we fight through the COVID-19, it is vital to take care of hygiene to keep you and your family healthy. Especially when we come back from grocery shops, it is easy to neglect the fact that our car has collected so much dirt, bacteria and germs from our shoes. These collected germs and bacteria can potentially grow in our car places like car mats, seat belts, trunk, steering wheel, cup holders, gear shifter, touch screens and car seats. 

So, if you are thinking of cleaning your car during this period of time, this article is for you. Here are the 4 steps that you can keep your car clean and bacteria free.


1. Vacuum your car

The first step, you need to vacuum your car. Particles like fine dust and crumbs can easily be embedded in your car mats and car seats. Shaking off your car mats will not get rid of everything because there will be small particles clinging onto your car mats. Vacuuming your interior will help you to get rid of stubborn dust particles from your car mats and crumbs hidden in crevices of your car. Hence, vacuuming your car regularly can prevent dust particles from building up and keeps your car cleaner. If it's challenging to use the big bulky vacuum to clean up your car, you can consider owning a portable size vacuum like TRAPO Handheld Vacuum


2. Disinfect every surface

Vacuum your car is not enough! One study found that these high touch surfaces such as steering wheel can have more bacteria and germs than a public toilet! (reference link: https://rb.gy/vih5hc) Therefore, you have to wipe down all the surfaces in your car interior with medical grade disinfectant wipes or other cleaning products that can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria such as TRAPO Nano Spray. Applying together with a clean microfiber cloth will do a fantastic job. These touch surfaces include gear shifter, steering wheel, seat belts, touch screens, door handles, car window and radio knobs.


3. Use antibacterial spray

Last but not least, while disinfecting high touch surfaces with medical grade disinfectant, proper use of antibacterial spray does reduce bacteria for a short time span. To kill bacteria and germs, you need to have a solution that is an alcohol-based formula with the ability to decontaminate germs and bacteria. TRAPO Antibac Spray, an antibacterial spray that is fumigated into the car to kill bacteria involves parts such as aircon blower, roof lining and tight spots that are unable to reach by wiping. 


4. Use an air purifier

The pollutant levels are often higher inside because cars take in emissions from surrounding vehicles and recirculate them. It can cause the overall air quality to be fifteen times worse. Hence, using a medical grade filter air purifier such as TRAPO Motion Sensing Air Purifier can help filter out those harmful pollutants in your car. If you are extra sensitive to pollution or parents with small children, using an air purifier inside your car is more preferable to get extra protection for your family’s health and safety!

Stay home and breathe safe!


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