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August 15, 2022 3 min read

Here are the top 5 signs that it's time to change your car wiper blades

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Nothing is more important than safety while driving. This includes good visibility while you’re navigating the roads too (especially during rainy weather!) 

Malaysia is known for its temperamental rainy seasons, and coupled with increasing traffic on the road it’s just become way too crucial to ensure that your vision is clear throughout your journey in the car.

And what contributes to CRYSTAL CLEAR vision while driving? Crystal clear windshields, of course. And to maintain it that way, you need to rely on your trusty car wipers to do its job properly. 

But…what if it’s time to finally get a new pair of wiper blades? Have you ever noticed how foggy your windshield becomes even after multiple swipes? Well, worry not.

Here are the 5 signs that it’s time to replace your car wiper blades:

Sign #1: Streaky Windshields

Streaky windshields is a sure-fire sign that your car wiper blades need to be replaced. Usually, after a bout of rain, or even on sunny days, you can see streaks of dirt and grime still remaining on your windshield despite adding on car washer fluid to get rid of them. More likely than not, streaky windshields are caused by the rubbers on your car wiper blades not making proper contact with the windshield itself, resulting in poor vision while driving.

Sign #2: Squeaky Noises or Noisy Windshield Wipers

That irritating squeaky sound that grinds your gears everytime you switch your car wipers on? Yeap, that’s also a definite sign that your car wiper blades need to be replaced. 

Well…a bit of squeaking is normal. Only a bit though. But if you notice that your car wiper blades are practically dragging across your windshields, accompanied by a “chattering” noise, it probably means that the plastic is being dragged across the glass without the wiper’s rubber contacting it properly. Without proper contact, your windshields will remain blurry even after wiping.

Sign #3: Damaged rubber (Cracked or falling)

Do you notice the rubber from your car’s wiper blades falling off or dangling from its plastic structure? If so, it most likely means that the adhesive is failing. With a failing adhesive, the rubber will essentially flop around during wiping and result in poorer wiping performance. Again, this also causes the wiper to not make proper contact with your windshield, preventing it from cleaning the glass effectively.

Sign #4: Wiper blades not making consistent contact with windshields

If you notice any noticeable gaps between your car wiper and your windshield, then it’s definitely time to replace your wiper blades. Without even pressure being distributed with every swipe, your windshields remain blurry and grimy from water build-up. So, your vision remains obstructed and unclear while driving in the rain.

Sign #5: Wiper frames are bent or damaged

Damaged or bent wiper frames are dangerous. It’s absolutely important to ensure that your car wiper blades are functioning properly without any bents, dents, or dangling rubber strips. Damaged frames can even scratch your windshields, causing damage to the glass too.

Final thoughts

Your car wiper blades are at the forefront for defense against any and every external dangers and elements such as the sunrays, pouring rain, bits of tiny rocks from the road ahead of you, and even the day-to-day dust and grime. Without good performing wiper blades, your windshields won’t be as thoroughly protected to provide you proper security and safety through better visibility.

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