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September 05, 2019 6 min read

Choose the Right Floor Mats for Your Car

If you think your car floor mats are used only to rest your feet, you are highly mistaken. Floor mats are crucial to enhance the aesthetic value of your car. Passengers may think car mats are just add-ons but to a driver, the type of car mats you use is absolutely crucial.


Car Mats and Car Liners 

Check out the difference between car mats and car liners. Floor mats are flat rubber pieces or a rubber-like material, carpet, or a mix of the two. Floor liners are customised to the shape and curves of the foot wells (leg room) for an exclusive make and model of your car, and they have a rim or walls around the sides to help catch any spillage from drinks or even rain water.


Owners Care for Their Car

Every car owner cares for his vehicle, whether it is the exterior condition of the car or the interior features. The vibrant style of an automobile is matched by a cushy interior. A wide spectrum of car mats makes choices a challenge in the domestic auto market. They provide a plush interior to the car, ranging from the ultimate entertainment sets to the finest in leather upholstery. Car mats have added features to safeguard the vehicle from any damage and keep it dirt-free and neat. Plus they trap the water from your feet and keep the carpet unsoiled. Choosing the correct colour will enhance your car interior, while the correct material will give a top-notch appeal to the whole interior. That’s why it is crucial to get the correct floor mat for your car.

types of car mats

Shopping for Car Mats

People can choose from a wide range of car mats at auto accessories shops based on their need and budget. A number of portals deal in the sale of these car carpets. A few car boutique shops offer privileged services to the customers by providing them with customised mats, which can be ordered to suit the requirements of the user. Be it a BMW or a Hyundai car, these carpets come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. Based on the manufacturers and the materials used in the making of these mats, the price range can vary quite a bit. They are most beneficial during the rainy season especially when the mud and debris leave footprints on the car floor. As they do not need excessive care and are easy to clean, these carpets are an additional accessory, which is a must-have for every car owner.


Car Mats are Crucial

Yes they are essential to keep the car interiors spick and span. A range of auto accessories shops deal in car mats, which can be bought within a reasonable price range. We have five choices for you depending on what you need and the amount you are willing to spend to protect your beloved car.


Rubber Mats 

 These are undoubtedly the most durable and long-lasting mats available for your car. You have probably got them for free from your dealer. The mats are made to fit the model and make of the vehicle and are quite sturdy in daily usage. They are versatile during the rainy season, prevent the debris from reaching the floor and are waterproof too. Rubber mats do not slip, making them safe, since they will not obstruct the pedal use. Their textured surface helps retain the moisture. Rubber mats soak in water and mud, but they also get dirty very fast and mostly come in black; so do not expect any aesthetic value. Go for the high quality ones and look for the specific mats that come with your car model. What’s more it’s so easy to clean with any cloth. Just wipe the layers of dust accumulated on them.


Fabric Carpets 

They are easily obtainable and the most inexpensive mats especially in developing markets like India as these car mats usually come together with the cars manufactured in the country too.  These mats are placed above the metal floor. Most car manufacturers however offer additional mats to cover the fabric carpets. This provides a protective layer against grime and moisture. Fabric carpets are more suitable for dry seasons and come in an assortment of colours and prints.

These cloth car mats come with a rubber backing to prevent them from slipping. They have a range of vibrant colours and designs. Fabric mats usually come in common sizes and fits easily in all cars. They are easy to wash, dust or clean them every day. Although after some time they will begin to sag and they may slip too. They are least durable when compared to the other similar products in the market. Cloth mats are easily obtainable at any car accessories shop, but choose the high quality ones as the shabby ones can be bothersome to live with.


Clear Vinyl Mats 

These are perfect for all weather. These mats are specially designed to prevent the car from getting soiled during the rainy season. They are transparent and are placed above the stocked carpets, which come with the car. They do not wear out fast and in the long run, help in keeping the metal floor dry.

The all-weather mats are made of thick vinyl material and are sturdier than the standard rubber mats. They have upturned edges to prevent water, dust or grime from falling off the mats. The mats come with spikes at the back to prevent them from slipping and are widely available.


All-Absorbing Mats 

They are manufactured using a synthetic material, which is enclosed in a sheet of cloth. The fibre helps to soak up the moisture from the passenger’s footwear. The synthetic material forms a waterproof layer. This will prevent rust corrosion on the metal floor of your car.

Buy quality and non PVC tailored-made car carpets online. Special bundle offers with no smell, easy to clean, waterproof, recyclable material, fast-drying and anti-slip. And it comes with a one-year warranty.


Nomad Mats or Curly Mats 

Companies dealing in adhesive tapes must be flourishing as these are used for the nomad mat range. They come in a variety of hues and sizes. They can be customised to fit your car. What’s good about nomad mats is that they trap water, mud and grime easily causing minimal spillage. They need cleaning fewer times and at your convenience, compared to other mats. The mats soak up the water, mud and dust and prevent your feet from getting soiled. They look similar to the car carpets outside homes and offices, but they definitely serve its purpose. It is also the toughest in the range of car mats. Prices vary depending on the brand and quality of the mat.


3D Floor Mats 

These are the top range and give a premium look to the car. They come in different colours such as black, beige and tan. 3D mats clearly give you a stylish fit and finish to your car interior. The mat fits perfectly in the foot well and traps all the dust, water and grime in its grooves. However, since it is made of polymer, it does not soak up any spillage and will need cleaning regularly. It comes with anti-skid properties, but needs to be adjusted periodically to prevent it from obstructing the use of the floor pedals. If a plush interior ambiance is what you crave for, the 3D mats are the best and expensive car carpets available in the market.

There are a few companies who have even been in the business of making aftermarket automotive products for over 30 years. The core of their product line is custom-fit floor liners, inclusive of the front, rear, and cargo seat area. These companies are also in the business of developing heavy-duty car carpets and a broad array of high-quality products made to extend the life of your car.

So you have a pool of options when deciding what the right product and right fit is for your car. Look for good options online for your car.

When dealing with car carpets

  1. Avoid common fitted car mats as much as possible
  2. Nomad mats are also a good DIY option and comes in a big roll from furnishing shops and can be installed at home.
  3. If the mats have spillage onto the carpet, they can lead to rust, fungi and stale smell.
  4. If the mat of your car does not have a perfect fit, it could possibly obstruct the pedals which is a safety issue. It is better to replace them immediately.

You should never drive your car when your floor carpet is at the risk of an accidental spillage. Protecting your car’s floorboards not only keeps unwanted odours and elements out of the car interior, but it also increases its resale value. Get car carpets that are engineered to withstand the most harmful chemicals such as gas, oil, and battery acid.

Check out the range of customised car mats we offer!

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