September 27, 2021 2 min read

Every year, millions of car accidents play out on our roads. The number of road accidents in Malaysia has increased during the last 10 years. Fortunately, today’s cars are getting safer due to advanced technology. Yet even with safer cars, accidents with serious consequences will still happen. This is particularly the case with rollover crashes. 

Rollovers occur when a car flips over. While rollover crashes aren’t common, they are extremely dangerous. One of the risk factors include driving a vehicle with a higher center of gravity such as vans, trucks and SUVs, which are more likely to roll. 

The best way to survive a rollover accident is to prevent one from happening at all by driving safely. If a rollover does happen to you, they are split-seconds decisions of chances of walking away from the crash. Bear in mind and practice the methods described above, so they become second nature and automatic if you do end up in a rollover accident.



1) Don’t overload your car and make sure loads are tied down securely

2) Take corners at advised speeds and with respects to the conditions 

3) If you do start to tilt, the wheel toward the direction you’re tilting.



1) Cross your arms high up on your chest and grab your opposite shoulders

2) Don’t brace against the floor or steering wheel; the combination of airbags and breaking metal/ glass makes it nearly impossible to keep that position, and exposes you to more danger

3) Once the car has stopped rolling, immediately turn off the engine. Plant your hands and/ or feet on the ceiling and carefully unbuckle your seatbelt. Exit through the window or door. Call 999 or 112 (mobile phone) immediately. 

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