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June 15, 2021 3 min read

As the Covid-19 pandemic hits, the online deliveries industry has ballooned after the introduction of Movement Control Order (MCO). Perhaps more than ever, more Malaysians are looking for extra side income from sources such as delivery drivers, in order to help bolster their finances. With certain businesses having announced pay cuts and even worse, complete closure, it has resulted in many Malaysians losing their jobs during this pandemic. Thus, if you are new to delivery service and you will need some gear to ensure you are able to deliver as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible, here’s a list of six car accessories to make your delivery journey as smooth and comfortable for you. 

Phone Holder

Texting while driving on the road is dangerous! Therefore, having your phone mounted on a phone holder can ensure a safer and more efficient drive. You wouldn’t want to risk your life while driving by continuously looking down and then back up at the road. Instead, you can place your phone holder at eye level position such as at the vehicle aircon vent. By using a phone holder such as the TRAPO Phone Holder V3, you can properly keep your eyes focused on the road while driving, all while being able to navigate and answer calls. We recommend the TRAPO Phone Holder V3 as it is compatible with most smartphones and it can be effortlessly mounted. It also comes with a reserved charging port which enables you to charge your device while driving. 


Phone Charger and Charging Cable

Just about everything is online these days. Specifically for delivery drivers, you will be relying on navigation software to guide you as you drive. Unfortunately, popular navigation applications such as Waze or Google Maps consume a lot of your phone's battery during prolonged use. Thus, it’s smart to have a car charger and charging cords with you, providing ample juice as you go along. If your car is built in with USB charging ports, you can charge your phone right away with a charging cord. Here we suggest you the TRAPO Ultra Fast Car Charger and TRAPO Ultra Fast Charging Cable because it helps you to charge your phone quickly. In this way, your phone will not die in the middle of your shift and leave your delivery stranded. 


Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

It is always important to keep your car clean and tidy because you wouldn’t want your passenger to feel upset and embarrassed with a dirty car interior! We know that keeping your car spick and span is not easy, but a lightweight and portable vacuum like TRAPO Handheld Vacuum can do wonders for the cleanliness of your car. Portable, lightweight, compact and easy to use by plugging the TRAPO Handheld Vacuum to the car cigarette lighter and can pick up dirt like sands and crumbs. Designed with a 4 meter long cord for you to reach every corner of your car, it comes with a 2 in 1 nozzle head for carpets and upholstery.

Sanitizer or Disinfectant

A must-have car accessory during this pandemic because you wouldn’t want to have risk by carrying harmful viruses back to your home! The TRAPO Nano Spray is designed specifically to disinfect all surfaces as well as touch points in your car such as the steering wheel. It can be also used as hand sanitizer to keep your hands sanitized during the road trip and since it is made up from water based ingredients, it is not flammable and child friendly. 

The other effective and time saving way to sanitize your car is by using antibacterial car spray such as the TRAPO Nano Spray.You might be thinking disinfecting every touch point in your car one by one is too time consuming. Therefore, the TRAPO Nano Spray can help you to sanitize your whole vehicle interior with just one click. It helps to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, prevent the growth of fungi and neutralises bad odor in your car, leaving a clean and refreshing aroma inside your car. 

All the Best!

It is a tough time for all of us but all these items are worthwhile investments if you are working during this Covid-19 pandemic as a delivery driver. It does not only help you  to make your job more efficient, you are making yourself more productive and safe. 

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