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June 18, 2022 3 min read 1 Comment

5 Easy Ways to Bond Between Father and Son (Father’s Day Car Edition!) 


It’s Father’s Day! A time to honor and celebrate fathers and their influence in our lives. Whether you’re paying tribute to your big ol’ man, or celebrating your first official Father’s day as a dad, it’s definitely an occasion that can be filled with a lot of laughter and memorable moments. 

Having said that, let’s reminisce about some precious memories that most of us probably had with the first true hero of our lives.

Here are the top 5  car-related bonding moments we had with our fathers that we loved growing up (and moments that you can recreate with your Dad too!):


Private driving lessons

private driving lessons with dad

You’ve reached the legal age and of course, what’s the first thing you do?

…No, not that. We’re talking about getting your official driving license! 

Whether or not you’ve always dreamed of finally being able to drive your own car, there’s no doubt that getting your driving licence is your rite of passage to adulthood. And for a lot of us, the first official driving experience on the road takes place with Dad, seated securely in the passenger seat and who may (or may not) be guiding you every step of the way.

Collecting toy-cars 

collecting toy cars with dad

What better way to showcase your love for cars than to collect them? Okay, okay…maybe not everyone is born into a trust fund and can afford to do just that.

But you know what the next best thing is? Collecting car miniature replicas of your dream car(s)! 

Discover the joy of getting in touch with your inner child again by exploring all the different car-toy collectables with your Dad. You might even learn more about each other’s car preferences, dreams, and visions of the future: maybe one day you might just own the real thing.  

Hey, it might just be your new favourite pastime for an exclusive father-son bonding time!


Washing the car together

washing car together with dad

What’s more fun than playing with sudsy water on a sunny afternoon? That’s right, washing the car together can be a great bonding experience between father and son. Learn the different types of car polishes and wax. And learn the difference between how and when to apply them.  


Visiting car shows or car museums

Visiting car shows or car museums with dad


Did you know that France's national automotive museum, the Cité de l'Automobile, is the biggest car museum in the world? 

 How fascinating!  

Car museums aren’t just meant for car enthusiasts but can be a fantastic gateway for you to have a glimpse into the wonderful world of automobiles. It’s also an opportunity to discover the types of cars you don’t normally see on the road.

If anything, this experience makes for a great conversation starter with Dad. 


Going on a Family road trip

going on a family road trip together on father's day

A literal trip down memory lane! Or, a trip to start creating some. Your choice, really.  

But for most of us, going on a family road trip was one of our fondest memories growing up. And even until now, going on a fun long drive to the next destination can be a journey full of adventures (not to mention a chance to put your favorite playlist on full blast too!) 

Take this opportunity to bond with your Dad or your son, and be sure to keep safe on the road at all times.

As the saying goes, it’s not the destination that matters, but the journey on the way there that makes the most memories.

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July 28, 2022

I agreed with all the suggestions for father-son bonding during father’s day

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