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  • July 10, 2020 8 min read

    Let’s face it; pets are a part of your family. Truth be told, many of us could barely imagine leaving our pets behind when going somewhere. But for all the happiness that comes with bringing your pet along with you in your car, there also comes the frustration of having to clean up pet hair from your car seats and carpets. Removing your pet’s hair from your car is no easy task.

    Any driver who has ever made the unfortunate decision of carrying pets like cats or dogs in the car knows just how hard it can be to remove pet hair from your car. Even if your pet manages to sit comfortably in the boot of your SUV, they can still get their fur all over the seats and upholstery.

    Although your pet’s leftover hair is certainly not a threat to your vehicle, it can be a little annoying. Pet hair all over your car seats – especially dog hair – can ruin the look and feel of your car. Not to mention all that hair can leave a very distinct smell of your furry companion.

    So if you are a new pet owner or are just looking for a few effective ways to get that pesky pet hair out of your car, this is the guide for you. Here are 12 creative ways that you can deal with pet hair in your car.

    1. Vacuum

    Ok, so this isn’t the most creative of solutions, but it is one that almost always works. Having a separate hand-vacuum for your car is always a good idea, especially if you have a pet at home. Since not traveling with them is often not an option, a good way to quickly get some the hair of your car’s carpet or seats is a nice vacuum.

    However, the best way to get the hair out of your car is through a proper indoor vacuum, plugs and all. These vacuums are multiple times more powerful than regular handheld vacuums. They can also store a lot more dust than handheld vacuums, making them so much more viable when cleaning your car.

    When using the vacuum to clean your car, especially the carpets, be sure to use an upward motion. Upward motions will help get those hairs stuck inside your carpet out. What you should avoid is using plastic vacuum heads on your carpet, as that could, in fact, do more harm than good.

    2. Duct Tape

    If you are looking to get rid of the worst of the pet hair in your car and don’t have the time to vacuum, then duct tape may just be your only hope. We should warn you, however, that using sticky tape as a pet hair removal solution is not the best way to go about it. But if you have no other choice, then here is how you will use tape to get the pet hair off your car carpet and seats.

    Sticking tape to your seat and pulling it off should remove a bulk of the hair and bits on your car carpet or seat. This technique better suites car seats, as the material of the carpets in your car, makes it a little difficult to get almost anything off.

    You can also wrap the duct tape around your hand with the sticky side facing up. This technique will help you remove the pet hair much faster than just a single strip of duct tape. It is also very unhygienic, so be sure to keep some hand sanitizer nearby when working.

    3. Lint Roller

    If you’re not looking to get your hands dirty with duct tape, a lint roller is a very good alternative to that. The major difference between using the lint roller and duct tape is that the lint roller is considerably faster than the duct tape, but it is also not as good getting into tighter corners. While you could use tape to get into those harder to reach places, the lint roller is just too big to go there.

    That said, what the lint roller lacks in its versatility, it makes up with strength. You can roll your way to a hair-free carpet or car seat with the roller. Moreover, when one side of the lint roller starts to fill, you can simply peel off that layer and get back to work. They are especially effective on fresh pet hair, making it a great idea for you to always carry one.

    4. Rubber Gloves and Water

    Here’s a creative little hack for you. Grab some rubber gloves, wet them, and run them over your carpets. Now, this may seem a little unorthodox and strange, but the truth is, in the words of the great Todd Howard, “it just works.” Hair will start to cling to the rubber gloves, taking off the hair in the process.

    This technique is considerably faster and more sanitary than using tape or lint rollers. The best part about using rubber gloves is that they can reach some of the harder to reach crevices that people complain about. This is especially effective when your vacuum won’t do the trick, and you are all but out of lint rollers.

    There is, of course, a downside to using this technique that being you may have varied results depending on the type of hair you are picking off. This applies mostly to certain breeds of dogs that have stiffer hair, and cats that have much longer hair.

    5. Velcro Hair Curlers

    Now, before you skip this tip because it’s too weird, you might want to stay awhile and listen. Velcro hair curler, despite sounding a lot weirder than all the other options, is actually very good at taking hair off your car seats and carpets.

    Unlike lint rollers and duct tape, velcro hair curlers don’t lose their stickiness after a set period of time. If you have used a lint roller or tape to get the hair off your car floor mats or seats, you know just how frustrating it is to keep changing tape or sheets. But with velcro hair curlers, you don’t have to worry about having to replace or taking anything off.

    While these Velcro hair curlers aren’t very effective on car seats, they are certainly very effective on car carpets. Their pronged teeth work very well to pull most hairs right out of the carpet.

    6. Fabric softener

    This can be a very strange way to get the hair off your car carpets or seats, but it works quite effectively. One of the qualities of fabric softeners is that it can greatly loosen the hair on fabric, making it one of the best things you can use when trying to get that pesky pet hair off your seats and carpet.

    Now an important thing to remember here is that you shouldn’t douse your car with fabric softener to get the hair out. Instead, you need to make a solution mixed with water that you will use. Add a few teaspoons of fabric softener to some water in a spray bottle. Lightly spray your upholstery with this solution and start to wipe down the seats and the carpet with a washcloth. After using a washcloth on the carpets and seats, you should let the seats dry and use a vacuum in case there is any leftover pet hair.

    7. Harness Or Crate Your Pets

    As much as you would want to keep them in your car without a harness or leash, pets without one will leave a lot of hair in your car. Putting your pets on a harness or putting them in a crate can greatly limit the hair that they shed in your car, obviously. The more your pets will move, the more hair they will shed. This is especially common among dogs and cats.

    Furthermore, you will also have to consider the fact that animals can become distressed in a moving vehicle. Distressed animals tend to shed a lot of furs, which means that they will move around your car continuously shedding their hair. Keeping them in a harness or crate can keep them safe, as they shed in their little corner.

    8. Balloons

    Now this here is a “creative” solution to your pet’s hair problem. Balloons have an odd static quality to them that lets them attract hair. Ever rubbed a balloon so hard that it gave you a static shock? Well, that static quality is why you can attract hair towards the balloon.

    Once you blow the balloon, simply rub it on the place where you want to remove the hair from. You can reuse the same balloon by removing the hair from the same balloon. However, since it is a little difficult to get pet hair off the balloon, you are better off just using a new balloon.

    9. Dedicated Pet Hair Cleaning Brush

    If you are willing to spend the extra money on a dedicated pet hair cleaning brush, go ahead. While it may not be the most creative solution, it can be very effective. These brushes, often made specifically to take hair off your car seat, can be a good investment.

    When buying a brush, be sure to check if it is compatible with the type of interior you have in your car. You don’t want to damage the interior of your car by getting a brush that is too hard. You should also buy a brush from a reputable seller, so be sure to ask around before settling on your brush of choice.

    10. Squeegee

    Using a squeegee when short on time and supplies is also a good way to remove your pet’s hair. The thin plastic blade will help gather all the hair to one side and will allow you to pick up the hair from there.

    Although this is certainly one way that you can get the hair off your car seats, it isn’t the most effective way to do so. The plastic blade can be a little flimsy on uneven surfaces and can be virtually useless when using it on a carpet.

    11. Seat Covers

    If your furry little friend is shedding a little too much, or you want to take them out on a daily basis, these tricks may not be working for you. Having to clean your car constantly is a hassle, especially when you are trying to remove pet hair. So instead of cleaning your seats on a daily basis, just apply some covers to them.

    With the majority of the hair off the seats, you can focus more on the car floor mats below, saving you a lot more time. And as for the seat covers, they can go into the washers.

    12. Brush Before Driving

    You can actually save yourself a lot of the trouble of cleaning your car seats or carpets if you were to give your pet a nice brushing before getting them into your car. A good brushing can help get most of the hair off your pet. With most of the hair gone before they can even set foot in your car, you won’t have to clean up as much. You should also be careful to use the most effective type of brush for your pet so that you get the most hair out.


    Depending on your pet and the type of coat they have, cleaning your car can either be a real nightmare for you or a minor inconvenience. However, we hope that with the help of these quick hacks, you will be able to get your pet’s hair off your car seats and carpets.

    If your pet is shedding extensively, you should have them checked for ticks or lice. You should also have your pet checked for any illnesses that may be leading to them shedding their hair. In conclusion, these creative cleaning hacks will make it easy to rid your car seats and carpets of pet hair.


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