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Be it a sedan, SUV, MPV or continental vehicles, our team of specialist will measure and produce the car mat that fits specifically just for your car. Currently available for more than 700 car models and growing. Now that’s what we call custom made car mats.



With active bacteria-killing agents infused into our new Trapo Classic Mark II Car Mats, it is now able to provide the ultimate hygiene solution to all drivers. Through years of research & development, Trapo Classic Mark II is the first ever car mat in Singapore that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, a step forward in elevating your driving experience.

Trapo strives to provide a longer-lasting product to drivers. We have now improved the durability of the car mat by 3 times stronger than previous version. We put our car mats under intense abrasion lab test similarly performed by renowned shoe brands, making sure you buy once, worry-free since.