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Julai 05, 2021 2 Baca min

According to the New Straits Time, 85% of road accidents were due to reckless driving. (Reference link: https://bit.ly/3dFmHFE When it comes to dangerous driving, the first thing that normally comes to mind is talking on the phone while driving! In fact, there are many other factors that cause accidents to happen. Here are a few factors as below:

Text while driving

Texting while driving not only takes your hands off the wheel but is also super distracting! You might lose focus while texting on your phone. Although sending a quick text while driving might save you a bit of time, it might also cause your time to run out (if you know what I mean). 


Speeding is an extremely dangerous act that you shouldn’t do while driving. This is because faster speeds will cause you to lose control of your vehicle and increase the risk of heavy injuries. The faster you drive, the more difficult it is to slow down when there is an emergency. Therefore, make sure you follow the speed limit and keep your loved ones in mind!


Not fastening your seatbelt

It’s a common misconception that modern cars equipped with airbags no longer require the driver to wear the seatbelts! But in actual fact, seatbelts are key to keeping you secured in place during a collision and works in tandem with airbags to minimise injury to the driver. While some people may claim that they forget to wear seatbelts, a lot of things can happen even in short-distance drives. It is not worth the risk driving without wearing a seatbelt since it only takes a few seconds to buckle up. Don’t trade seconds of fastening your seatbelt for life-long regret. Practice the habit of wearing your seatbelt in your every drive and settle in knowing your safety is ensured, wherever the road takes you!

Talking on the phone

With cell phones creeping their way into virtually everyone’s pockets in the modern day, it is not uncommon to carry out a conversation while behind the wheel. Similar to texting, carrying out full blown conversations while heading to your destination may bring you more hassle than good. A moment’s loss of focus can lead to unwanted accidents or mishaps on the road, so our advice? Don’t do it!


Use your hand as phone holder

Are you using your “handholder” while driving? Although driving while using the GPS navigation on your phone is a common thing, “handholding” your phone is a big no-no! Not only does it take one of your hands off the wheel, it also takes up a portion of your focus! Hence, we encourage you to use the Oxtra Phone Holder V3 to hold your phone while driving. It provides a premium aluminium expansion structure that helps to hold your phone steadily. So you can pay full attention to the road while driving!

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