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April 14, 2022 2 Baca min

How To Find The Best Car Phone Holder For Your Ride

how to find the best car phone holder for your car malaysia


Don’t have a built-in navigation system in your car? No worries. All you need is a good quality phone holder for safer hands-free navigation and calls while you’re on the road.

Types of Mount

Consider what kind of phone holder mount that’ll work best for your vehicle type. Does your car have standard air conditioning vents? Then you’re lucky to have a wealth of excellent options. (NOTE: There are limited options if you have smaller or circular vents, unfortunately.)

But if you don’t have standard-sized air conditioning vents, no worries. Phone mounts work on dashboards and windshields too. Now you can choose what type of mount you’d prefer:


1. Adhesive Mount

Adhesive phone mounts use an automotive-grade adhesive that generally won’t damage your car. The downside is that adhesives tend to break down over time, and cleaning up gummy residue can be bothersome.


2. Suction-base Mount

Another type of phone mount uses a suction-based feature. Meaning that it avoids the hassle of removing any adhesive residue when you remove it. Plus, it’s generally much more versatile as it can be shifted around without causing damage to your dashboard or windshield. 


Find the best way to keep your phone in place

There are two different ways to keep your phone in place:

1. Spring-loaded clamps

car phone holder spring loaded clamp malaysia

Phone mounts with spring-loaded clamps are usually able to handle almost any phone. The downside is that it’s pretty limited in terms of what kind of phone width it can handle. So, if you have a preference for bulky phone cases, maybe steer clear away from spring-loaded clamps.

2. Magnetic mount

oxtra magnetic car phone holder malaysia

This is the fastest and easiest type of phone mount as it hardly requires any readjustments. Magnetic mounts hold your phones in place with, you guessed it, magnetic power. The downside is that your phone will require some form of a metal plate attached at its back for this to work. But in terms of phone width and weight, Plus, a strong magnet like the one used in TRAPO Magnetic Car Phone Holder will hold any phone size sturdily with ease.

Size does matter

Before you get a car phone holder for your ride, make sure that it’s sturdy enough to handle the weight of your phone. The last thing you want is for your phone to fall off in the midst of you navigating through Waze…not ideal.

Get our latest car phone holder here for a hassle-free experience.

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