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Oxtra Antibac Car Spray - Giveaway

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Here at Trapo, we understand your struggle of having explored multiple ways and spending lots of money trying to eliminate bacteria in your car that have resulted in unsatisfactory results. 

With our new product "AntiBac", we aim to fix that! The OXTRA Antibac Spray eliminates 99.99% of the bacteria in your car and lasts up to a month with only a single can of AntiBac spray by targeting the root cause of odors.

  • BUY 3 UNIT or more and item will be packed in a box for easy storage

  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria

  • Prevent the growth of germs and fungi

  • Refreshing and clean aroma

  • Provides a fresh and clean environment after use

  • Neutralizes cigarette and other bad odors

  • Japanese technology

  • 4 Scents Available:
    i)   Rose Quartz - A light and fresh floral scent.
    ii)  Amazonite - Fresh and sharp, reminiscent of pine trees.
    iii) Clear Quartz - Neutral and delicate, nearly untraceable. 
    iv) Pyrite - Woodsy and bold, simple and very masculine.

    Please note that due to logistical regulations, we are unable to ship the OXTRA AntiBac Spray to East Malaysia (Sabah ,Sarawak & Labuan).

1) Does the Oxtra Antibac Spray contain alcohol?
Yes, it does contain a minimum quantity of alcohol percentage.

2) Is the Oxtra Antibac Spray safe for children?
Rest assured, the Anti-bac spray is safe to be used with kids around.

3) How many times can Oxtra Antibac Car Spray be used?
The anti-bac spray should be sprayed all at once upon opening the seal. The effect will last around a month and is recommended to be applied on a monthly basis.

4) What is the direction of use for this product?
1. Firstly, you have to turn off the engine of your vehicle. 
2. Place the Anti-bac spray on a flat surface. 
3. Depress the valve into lock position.
4.Leave the car door closed for 15 minutes
5. Please note that this item is only for one time usage for car interior disinfection.

1 to 1 Warranty policy
Trapo OXTRA offers 1 to 1 warranty exchange policy with faulty products from manufacturing defects. The product will be evaluated by our product specialist, any damage caused by the user is will not be part of this.