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Mei 22, 2020 4 min read

With the quarantine and travel restrictions globally currently in place being inevitably and eventually replaced with a loosening of restrictions on travel, what should you do to prepare for driving again on a daily basis? 

It’s time to bring your trusty friend on-4-wheels back out of temporary retirement and back into the sun, a very exciting prospect for some. 

But wait! 

Just like you after a long night’s sleep, your car too needs some time to warm back up to regular activities and not to forget, some maintenance after a long slumber! With some gentle easing and some much needed care, it’ll be back up to normal operation in no time. 
So what do you have to do? Well let's find out. 
Visual Inspection

Assuming your car has been driven less than a handful of times in the last few weeks/months, the first thing to look out for is well…...just look. 

Take a walk around the exterior of your car to note any physical irregularities which may be present such as under-inflated tires, dysfunctional headlights / tail lights, making sure your turn signals work as they should and any other essential items which you may deem necessary to be in optimal condition for everyday driving!
Next, take a look under the car.

This is the best time to check if there are any oil leaks from parts such as your engine or brakes. This is because a long period of being still would have given any leaks enough time to form visible puddles of oil under your car that can be clearly seen.

It’s best to do the above mentioned inspections on a regular basis regardless to ensure that your noble steed is always looking and working it’s best! 

Under the hood

With your hood up, turn your car on. 

Now what? 

Look and listen. Often with belt-driven cars, periods of long inactivity often leads to hardening of the rubber belts. This results from a mixture of moisture exposure and lack of movement which exercises the belts. You’re probably noticed this before if you’ve seen a brittle rubber band that hardens easily if not regularly used. 
Typical symptoms of an unhealthy timing / accessory belt would be squeaking or a high-pitched whine being heard from the area of your engine where the belts are located. 

Now, if you hear a slight squeak while the engine is cold dont worry.

Modern timing and accessory belts are typically made from tough and wear-resistant materials which under normal circumstances, should be damaged or degraded even after a few months of not being moved. However, if a significantly worrying sound can be heard, it’s a good idea to contact a qualified mechanic to check it out! 

Aside from that, it’s a good idea to also check the fluids in your car. 

This can range from engine oil level, coolant level, power-steering / brake fluid levels and any other lubricants or oils which your car might need for optimal function.
Get a car wash!
After sitting for long periods of time, it’s always advisable to give your car a good shower! 

This is due to dust, leaves and other contaminants having had ample time to settle on the surface of your ride from that long slumber. This is even worse if your car was parked outdoors or under trees, which could result in hard to remove stains from tree sap and bird dropping permanently damaging your paint!  

Now, this cleaning is not only limited to the exterior but also the interior of your car. This is even more important if you have a sensitive nose.

Similarly to the exterior of the car, the interior of your car can also collect dust and this is especially true if you have a cloth interior. Additionally, dirt can also harden and be hard to clean off conventional cloth car mats after being allowed to sit for long periods of time. 

Even more concerning is the growth of bacteria! 
Given enough time and even slight moisture present in the interior of your car, bacteria would have had time to multiply and coat the interior of your car! 

That is why here at Trapo, we’re dedicated to help you battle and eliminate bacteria growth in your car. Our custom made car mats don’t only look good, but contain Silver Ions which are activated when coming in contact with water and eliminate 99.9% of bacteria on the car mat’s surface! Check out our awesome lineup of car mats here.

Adding on to that, the latest weapon in Trapo’s arsenal is the Oxtra Nano Clean+ Anti-Virus Spray! We’ve collaborated with our friends over at Nanion to bring you this portable and effective sanitising spray that is suitable for use on all surfaces to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria AND viruses! It is made from a water-based, alcohol-free formulation which is eco-friendly and safe for use on all surfaces, including skin! We recommend applying this spray on regular touch-points of your car such as the steering wheel, knobs for your radio and air-conditioning and your gear lever! Get yours here.

You’re all set!
Now you’re all set to take on the roads, fully confident that you’re ready for any challenges that it may throw at you or your car! 

Happy and Safe Travels!