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February 07, 2020 6 min read

Making your car feel truly yours can be difficult, especially when it’s moving across a sea of similar cars. One way to express yourself while in your car is by getting a new color on your car. But that can be a little too expensive, and your favorite color may not reflect well on your vehicle of choice.

So if you are really looking to make your car a lot more expressive, then a good way to do that is by adding emojis to your car. Emojis are one of the quintessential ways people express themselves online. Writing a message to your friend? Set the tone of the message with the help of an emoji. Show people how much you love them with the help of these colorful sprites and faces on your phone. But what if you wanted to express yourself through your car, but with the help of emojis?

In this guide, we are going to talk about emojis and how you can add them to your car. Here are a few products and a few ways that you can attach emojis to your car.

How to Add Emojis to Your Vehicle

There are plenty of ways that you can add emojis to your vehicle. With the market ripe for people looking to express themselves with emojis, many companies have come forward looking to fulfill that need.

Car Stickers

Car stickers are just one way that you can get the emojis that you want on your cars. Of course, other than the various types of emojis that you can add to your car, there are different types of stickers that you can use. There are stickers that, well, stick to the outside of your car, and ones that attach to the inside of your car. These two types of stickers provide you with a lot of choices. You can go to your local supermarket and find plenty of both inside and outside stickers.

Custom Made Stickers  

If the stickers that you find in the store aren’t good for you, you always have the option to get custom made stickers. Each of these stickers is not bound by the same rules as the ones that you find in a shop. Each has its own unique qualities and emoji that you would want in your car. You can also choose the type of emoji that you would want on your sticker, and you can choose how that sticker would attach to your car.

Of course, these stickers are not the easiest to print. They can be a little expensive, and it can be hard to find a place willing to print stickers on order. That said, this is the best way to go about finding the right sticker for you.

Mojipic Smart Emoji Device

One of the problems with both of our prior entries is that they are a onetime use. Once you attach a sticker to your car, it doesn’t change, and if you want to get a different sticker in the same place, you first have to remove the previous one and then add the other one. This is one of the biggest cons of applying stickers to your car. But what if you could add a single sticker to your car and change it whenever you want. Well lucky for you, Mojipic is exactly that.

The Mojipic is an amazing device that you can attach to your back window and get all of these different emojis and GIFs on your rear-glass. It attaches to any glass surface, and the face of the Mojipic consists of various small LEDs. All these LEDs light up according to the design of emoji that you select on the app.

Thanks to mojipic, you can cast any emoji of your choice, and can even choose the different types of GIFs. These GIFs move properly and do not stutter for even a second, making them clearly visible to anyone behind you. The best part is that you can cast emojis in various colors, and the LEDs will be able to display them perfectly.

But what if you don’t want to keep the Mojipic at the back of your car and instead want to put it on your side window. Well, you can easily do that with thanks to the Mojipic’s incredible mounting function. Simply pull the clamps back and attach the Mojipic to any glass surface. This versatility makes it one of the best additions to your car and allows you to express yourself on a whole new level.

The mojipic also has a lot of functionality, in that you can change the emojis from your phone, or through the voice assistant present on your phone. With the help of the voice assistant feature, you can change emojis on the fly without even getting your hands off the wheel.

What You Can Use Your Emojis For

One of the best parts about emojis is that they are incredibly expressive, and can convey a message without the use of words. You can use their inherent meaning to send messages to other drivers without having to say something explicitly. Whether it is a message about something that you might have onboard or a trait about yourself that you are proud of, you can show it off with the help of these emojis. Here are some emojis that you can use to convey different messages.

Baby on Board

Although you can find dedicated stickers for “baby on board,” using emojis to deliver the message is significantly more expressive. You can use the baby emoji to show that you have a baby on board. You can also have a sticker of an animal in your car to show off the pet you have in your car. With the different types of emojis for animals, you will surely be able to find one of your respective pet.

Drive Safely  

More than a message about yourself, you can also use emojis on your car as a warning to drivers around you. And one of the most common warnings that you can give another driver is to drive safely. Reckless driving is a very serious issue and puts more than just the driver at risk. In fact, all other drivers on the road are at risk.

By showing something like a stop emoji or a hand stopping emoji, you can warn the driver to drive safely. If you are looking for something a little darker yet humorous, you can attach a sticker of a coffin emoji to your car. This sticker will be able to express your personality while sending a very clear message to other drivers.

Family Emoji

Raising a family is incredibly joyous for most people, and most people are very proud of their family. Show off some of that pride with the help of a family emoji. You can find various versions of these stickers, and if you are making custom stickers, well, then it’s a lot easier to get these emoji stickers.

However, if you use the Mojipic, you will already have access to various emojis and GIFs. The variety of GIFs and emojis to choose from, as well as the ability to switch emojis of choice on the go, makes putting up emojis all the more fun.

Profession Sticker

For most people, doing the job that they love is an amazing accomplishment, and they are often very proud of the job that they are doping. Show your pride with the help of an emoji sticker that shows off what job you do. Using dumbbells to show that you are a trainer or using a delivery boy emoji to show that you deliver food.

For most people, these stickers are a great way for their customers to recognize who they are. Drivers who work in Uber or Lyft are especially likely to use proper emojis or stickers so that people are able to identify them.

Zodiac Signs

Zodiac signs are a fun and interesting way to get to know another person, and most people find zodiac signs as a sign of pride. If you are proud of your zodiac sign, why not show it with an emoji? You can find plenty of emojis that show off various zodiac signs that you can put at the side of your car.

Warning about Disabilities  

Emoji stickers also help in warning drivers about a disability that you may have. Using the unanimous white wheelchair or using an emoji related to the disability is a great way to notify drivers. This way, drivers will be more careful around you and will try their best to drive carefully.

Showing Mood

Other than notifying other drivers of your disability, these emojis can also help you warn drivers about your mood. Road rage is a real thing and is only worse, depending on the mood that you are in. Imagine having a bad day at work and seeing someone making a mistake as they drive. You wouldn’t just be angry; you would be furious. So it’s always a good idea to always give someone a warning about how you feel before they get the chance to make a mistake.

This is especially easy when you have the Mojipic device, as you can change the display on the device on a daily basis.


Finding new ways to express yourself through your car can be difficult, especially when you want to do it on a budget. One of the ways that you can do that is through the emojis that we just mentioned and much more.


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